Have you wondered why you should hire a wedding or event coordinator? Many people do not add this invaluable service to their budgets because they feel it is a frivolous expense. Read on to see our top 10 reasons you should hire a coordinator!

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Event Coordinator

10. To make sure your groom shows up on time. Not wearing shorts…and sober

9. To make sure that all 300 vendors you hired show up... on the right day...at the right time….with the right stuff.

8. To make sure that when you walk down the aisle your undies are not showing and that indeed you remembered to wear them!

7. To make sure that when you walk down the aisle, your dress doesn't accidentally pass over a candle left there unintentionally, thereby narrowly escaping igniting your dress (true story)!

6. To make sure that a guest doesn't short sheet your honeymoon suite bed (true story)

5. To make sure that a guest doesn't saran-wrap the honeymoon suite toilet (true story)

4. To make sure that a guest doesn't put salt in the honeymoon suite bed sheets (true story)

3. To make sure that a possibly drunk groomsman doesn't hide in the closet and try to crash the honeymoon night (true story)

2. To make sure the groom doesn't have to go buy shoes at Payless 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony because he forgot his (true story)

1. So your groom doesn't run screaming away from the wedding because Bridezilla has replaced his lovin' sweet bride!

While these are funny (but some true) instances of brides who really could have used a coordinators help, there are many, many other reasons to hire a coordinator. Think about your schedule as it is now, you have work and family obligations, not to mention volunteering and other things you love to do in life. How are you going to fit another full time job (let's face it-planning any event can be overwhelming and time consuming) into your already over scheduled day. A coordinator can find vendors for all of your event needs, negotiate contracts, design the look of your event, decorate, take down decorations, make sure key players have flowers, corsages or anything else they might need. They will also be there to answer the thousands of questions that would be asked of you. Not only will your coordinator make your day less stressful, she will be an advocate and friend to you when you need it the most.